STC30 – SuperLife Total Care


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Pack of 15 sachets of 1.5g

Based on 100% plant stem ceIIS. Without side effects, without overdose.

No chemicals deposited in the body

Technological innovation from two prestigious SWISS and FRENCH laboratories.

Certified and authorized by the largest institutions in the world.



1- Restores diseased cells.

2- Repairs damaged cells.

3- Replaces dead cells.

4- Replicates the right cells.

5- Rejuvenates old cells.


Superlife Total Care helps your body fight illnesses on its own by taking STC30. It rejuvenates the dying cells in your body and keeps your body functioning at an optimal level.

Therefore, the body can fight diseases on its own.


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Weight 0.0225 kg

7 reviews for STC30 – SuperLife Total Care

  1. A.Sh

    Finally, I found something better than anything I’ve ever tried. It helps boost my energy and immune system. My skin looks better, my nails are growing faster, and I’m quite sure many invisible positive changes are happening inside, too!

  2. art

    Like it very much, no side effects help my blood pressure low also…

  3. Joanne Guerra

    Excellent product and the seller was very professional and attentive to my questions. I will definitely buy this product again.


    Although I had not tried the product yet but a friend did recommended it to to me. The seller delivered as stated

  5. Kingsley

    Wonderful indeed

  6. iris muleya

    I received it very quickly and it helps my mum with cancer. The product is very cheap

  7. Roo

    I usually don’t give any product 5 stars as it may have a flaw that I haven’t noticed but this product has treated me very well. I recommend using it if you need healing from any illness, after you pray.

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